Matrix Method

At Matrix Tutors, our guiding mission is to bring students to the top of their class – to read more intently, write more impactfully, calculate more intuitively, and learn more meaningfully. After signing up for tutoring, families can expect to see the following:

  1. A diagnostic test upon registration to identify students’ strengths and improvement areas.
  2. Individualized curriculum prepared by each tutor based on diagnostic test results.
  3. A match to a proven educator with specialization in what subjects a student needs to improve on.
  4. Assistance with students’ assignments and exam preparation in schools.
  5. Assigned tutoring homework to reinforce the concepts that need to be mastered.
  6. A three-month follow-up diagnostic to track students’ improvement and upgrade each student’s individual curriculum.
  7. Weekly emotional intelligence infographics to develop personal growth and nurture the minds of students to reach their full potential.

Curriculum Pedagogy

Matrix Tutors operates individually to develop, adapt, and implement tailored curriculum that will enable students to reach their full potential.

  1. English reading assignments from classical literature and novels above their grade level.
  2. Mathematics material developed in-house by curriculum developers.
  3. Introduction to tutoring session with infographics focusing on consciousness development and emotional intelligence.
  4. Tailored tutoring homework on areas of challenge during sessions to ensure mastery of the topic.

Individualized curriculum, alongside private tutoring, has countless positive effects on student outcomes.

While small class sizes and experienced teachers have a significant effect on literacy outcomes, the most important factor is curriculum that meets students where they are – challenging them enough to grow intellectually.

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