Artificial Intelligence Hologram

Matrix Tutors is in development of an AI Hologram to democratize the most effective, yet expensive form of learning, tutoring, to United States Public Schools and low-income countries. Every subject and topic from 4th-12th grade will be available to every student that interacts with the AI Hologram, alongside courses in personal growth, financial literacy, and SAT.  Additionally, the hologram will be provided to globally as the knowledge can be translated into 50+ different languages.

What Can the AI Hologram Do?

  • Can answer any vocabulary questions and define terms.

  • Can explain to students every single step in which they don’t understand.

  • Can predict what students are about to ask and pull that information to explain it to students before they ask the question through machine learning.

  • Can play countless meditations and affirmations to work on personal growth and consciousness development.

  • Can show students any picture, graph, historical figure, painting, or biological anatomy as a hologram.

  • Can advance students far above their grade level as the hologram has every single subject and topic from 4th-12th grade available to students.

  • Can teach students how to think rather than what to think.

  • Can give courses in Personal Development, Financial Literacy, and SAT

  • Can read any book to students and discuss literary themes and analysis of books.

Trajectory for The Future

The beauty of the AI software is that its agnostic nature is infinite in its ability to be distributed to the world. Matrix is keeping an open ecosystem for AI delivery. This would include Microsoft HoloLens, Meta Quest 2, or Google Cardboard VR available as options to public schools and philanthropic organizations depending on their budget and preferences for the delivery of the AI.” – Davos Interview Series 2023

– Stephanie Soetendal

CEO & Founder of Matrix Holograms