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Emotional Intelligence Integration


Matrix Tutors offers superior quality of services with custom-made curriculum while both tutors and directors internally discuss and monitor the progression of each student at an individualized level.

Our priority is to offer top-tier tutoring and intentionally care for each student academically and their well-being through development of personal growth and conscious awareness.

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Emotional Intelligence Integration

Matrix Tutors stands out uniquely to other tutoring services as we work on personal growth of students through emotional intelligence and consciousness development. Students are presented to weekly infographics that delivers wisdom, sets habits and goals, and inspires to reach their infinite potential.

Top Tutors in The Nation

Tutors are former university professors, Ivy-league educated individuals, and private school teachers with years of experience. With over 3,600 applications per year, tutors go through five levels of screening during our hiring process. 1% of applicants make it to the final interview and 0.01% are hired.
Elena K
Los Angeles, California
  • Biola University, La Mirada, California
  • English: Literature Comprehension, Grammar, Writing, Standardized Testing, and Content Writer
Joseph H
Los Angeles, California
  • University at California, Berekely
  • 4th - 5th grade: Math, History and Science, Pre- Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre- Calculus, US History, Literature and Grammar
Esteban O
New York, New York
  • Harvard University
  • English Language Arts, Grammar, Writing, and Content Writer
Ria R
Providence, Rhode Island
  • Brown University
  • Advanced Math, Chemistry, Biology, Standardized Testing
Joshua C
Bellingham, Washington
  • Northwestern University + Oberlin College
  • Advanced Math | Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus
& More
  • Ivy-League Universities, Private School Educators, and more!
  • English, Mathematics, History, Biology, SSAT, SAT&ACT, International Baccalaureate | 4th-12th Grade
Alexia Rivera
Miami, Florida
  • Manager of Matrix Tutors
  • Business Administration

Testimonials of Parents

A year later our daughter has made great strides. She was recently on the Deans List for academic achievement and was accepted into the schools International Baccalaureate program.

Azeem Parent of 5th Grade Student

Stephanie and her team at Matrix has been a game changer for our daughter, especially with online school now being the norm. In addition to helping with assignments and preparing for tests, our daughter is now more motivated and confident to work on projects by herself. Very happy we found Matrix Tutors!

Kaisa Parent of 11th Grade Student

Our daughter Aisha has been working with Matrix Tutors for over a year now.  Matrix Tutors has been nothing but a blessing in Aisha’s life. The biggest difference we have seen as parents is Aisha’s desire to learn and work hard. There is not enough we can be grateful for the improvement in our daughters academics.

Parent of 6th Grade Student

During the six weeks of tutoring, the tutor has demonstrated a remarkable sense of responsibility and superlative professionalism. I wish that all high schools in America had at least 10 teachers like her, because the quality of education would improve at such an extent, that the students’ qualification would be limited to “A’s” and “B’s” only. Excellent tutor, thank you very much.

Stephania Parent of 12th Grade Student

Fantastic tutor! She is very knowledgeable and very dedicated to her students. The tutor took the time to create a custom plan for my son focusing on weak areas and working to enforce foundational principles. She tutored him in Math and Physics and ACT/SAT Prep. Highly recommend!!!

John Barringer Parent of 12th Grade Student

Brilliant tutor who understands how to break down super complex math problems into easy to understand simple forms. The tutor pays attention to the type of learning style her student has in order to teach that student in the most efficient way possible. My daughter has changed from not really understanding math to mastering three grade levels in less than two months!

Cassandra Parent of Homeschool Student

I can see how my daughter has become more confident, responsible and organized. I love how her tutors orient and help her in any new challenge. They are always there for her. Now she enjoys a lot more reading and writing and also math. Her grades have improved a lot! We are very happy with Esteban and Jalyse!

Marielba Parent of 5th Grade Student

It’s the tutors attention to detail and her great ability to explain the topic that makes her stand out as a tutor. My son has evolved as a human being as much as a student under Matrix Tutors tutelage. We are all very grateful!

Joanna Parent of 10th Grade Student

We have used the service of Matrix for our daughter in english and mathematics. She is so much more confident in both subjects. We highly recommend Matrix Tutors. Our daughter looks forward to every session and her results are evident at school.

Ola Parent of 5th Grade Student

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our mission

Matrix Tutors was formed in Miami in 2019 as an educational force to innovate the future of education through tailored curriculum and emotional intelligence. At Matrix, we believe students unleash their limitless potential when personal growth is integrated with individualized learning. With a success rate of 98%, families at Matrix enroll their children to elevate their grades in school and ultimately continue as students to advance themselves far and above their grade level. Success is infinite!