Summer Program 2022

Consciousness Development

Unlock the potential of your young one’s abilities and skills with our Summer Program. At our Summer Program, we will be working on your child’s consciousness development and emotional learning which is often overlooked in private schools and other tutoring centers. Matrix Tutors has developed a custom curriculum for the 2022 Summer Program. At the end of the program, your child will have the ability to set personal goals, manage stress, recognize strengths, and communicate well.

Why choose

Summer Program

by Matrix Tutors?

  • Custom curriculum developed by a professional developer.
  • Inspires your child to develop a schedule for the summers.
  • Boosts creativity without having to worry & judging self.
  • Opportunity to develop new skills from your home.
  • Keep your child intellectually and intuitively engaged.
  • Your child will grow through the connections and network.
  • By the end of the program, your child will fruitfully develop the abilities for self-management, social awareness,stress management, relationship skills, and decision-making skills.

Meet the Summer Program Team

Stephanie Soetendal
Boston, Massachusetts
  • Stephanie is the founder and creator of Matrix Tutors. With thirteen years of experience in private tutoring, curriculum development, and administration of tutoring centers, Stephanie has an innate ability to nurture students to reach their full potential. Stephanie has administered Sylvan Learning centers, offered to become the director of a Kumon franchise at the age of 22, and worked for award-winning private tutoring companies.
  • At the age of 26, Stephanie began Matrix Tutors with the mission to reform global education through innovating the K-12 curriculum. This reformation includes a tailored curriculum, emotional intelligence, financial literacy, growth mindset, and consciousness development.
Alexia Carolina Rivera
Miami, Florida
  • Alexia moved to Miami when she was 15 years old from Brazil, São Paulo. She went to Gulliver Prep for her junior and senior years. After graduating from high school Alexia went on to Miami Dade College for 2 years and is now attending the University of Miami for Public Relations.
  • Alexia has always enjoyed dabbling in the creative field and has taken the task of creating the 2D media presented in the Summer Program.

Summer Program schedule

Week 1 (June 27 - June 30) - Self-Exploration and Intuition

  • 1:00 – 3:00 pm | 4th to 6th Graders
  • Day - Monday, June 27
    Topic - Gratitude
    Learning Outcome - Learn the importance of gratitude and what they are grateful for
  • Day - Wednesday, June 29
    Topic - Self-Awareness
    Learning Outcome - Learn more about themselves and their personal identity
  • Day - Thursday, June 30
    Topic - Developing Your Intuition
    Learning Outcome - Know more about what intuition is and how they can use it to succeed in life

Week 2 (July 5 - July 7) - Creating your Future: Vision Boards & Goal Setting

  • 1:00 – 3:00 pm | 4th to 6th Graders
  • Day - Tuesday, July 5
    Topic - Goal Setting Through Self-Exploration
    Learning Outcome - Learn more about their past, present, and possible future selves and identify what goals they might have for the future
  • Day - Wednesday, July 6
    Topic - Designing Your Future
    Learning Outcome - Discover SMART goal setting and set goals for their short and long term future
  • Day - Thursday, July 7
    Topic - Manifestation and the Law of Attraction Introduction, Visions, Vision Boards, and Visualization
    Learning Outcome - How to use visualization to achieve success and confidence

Week 3 (July 11 - July 15) - Personal Accountability: Self-Esteem and Personal Integrity

  • 1:00 – 3:00 pm | 4th to 6th Graders
  • Day - Monday, July 11
    Topic - Learn About How to Use Visualization to Achieve Success and Confidence
    Learning Outcome - Decision-making processes and discover better ways to make decisions
  • Day - Wednesday, July 13
    Topic - Self-Esteem, Personal Resolution, and Self-Efficacy
    Learning Outcome - Understand what self-esteem is and how to cultivate a healthy one.
  • Day - Friday, July 15
    Topic - Social Media and You
    Learning Outcome - Understand why social media is not good for us and how to set personal limits

Week 4 (July 18 - July 22) - Relationships & Values

  • 1:00 – 3:00 pm | 4th to 6th Graders
  • Day - Monday, July 18
    Topic - Cultivating Good Relationships
    Learning Outcome - What makes a good relationship and how to relate to others
  • Day - Wednesday, July 20
    Topic - Self-Kindness and Compassion / External Kindness and Compassion
    Learning Outcome - Learn what compassion is and how to be good to yourself
  • Day - Friday, July 22
    Topic - Setting and Maintaining Personal Boundaries
    Learning Outcome - Understand what boundaries are and why they are important

Week 5 (July 25 - July 29) - Culture Awareness

  • 1:00 – 3:00 pm | 4th to 6th Graders
  • Day - Monday, July 25
    Topic - Social Awareness and Cultural Diversity
    Learning Outcome - Discuss social issues relevant to their age and development
  • Day - Wednesday, July 27
    Topic - Self-respect / External Respect
    Learning Outcome - Learn what self-respect is and what role it plays in success and wellbeing
  • Day - Friday, July 29
    Topic - Handling Bullies and Frenemies
    Learning Outcome - Understand what to do in a situation with bullying as well as conflict with peers

Week 6 (August 1 - August 5) - Caring for Yourself: Self-Compassion & Confidence

  • 1:00 – 3:00 pm | 4th to 6th Graders
  • Day - Monday, August 1
    Topic - Mind - Journaling, Automatic Writing, Mirror Work, Talk Therapy, Mental Health
    Learning Outcome - Learn emotional self-care and skills and tasks to develop emotionally
  • Day - Wednesday, August 3
    Topic - Body - Nutrition, Exercise, Breathwork
    Learning Outcome - Identify ways they can take care of themselves to be ready for school and other activities
  • Day - Friday, August 5
    Topic - Spirit - Chakra Balancing, Meditation
    Learning Outcome - Identify stress-relieving activities to help them cope with the stress of their studies

Week 7 (August 8 - August 12) - Stress Management, Study Skills, Organization

  • 1:00 – 3:00 pm | 4th to 6th Graders
  • Day - Monday, August 8
    Topic - Organization
    Learning Outcome - Learn tips and strategies for developing effective schedules and routines during the school year
  • Day - Wednesday, August 10
    Topic - Procrastination
    Learning Outcome - Learn why we procrastinate and how to beat
  • Day - Friday, August 12
    Topic - Stress Management
    Learning Outcome - Discuss how including stress relief in your schedule can benefit your work

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Find answers to your queries!

The Summer Program is meant to indulge students in personal growth. During this 7-week course, students will be guided through 21 sessions on gratitude, trusting their intuition, breath-working exercises, and more. This program focuses on how students can open their minds to new techniques and possibilities that will help them throughout their life, in school and outside.

The program will be taught by Elena Kim, Top Tutor 2021-22. There will be one session held from 1:00 pm EST to 3:00 pm EST. [Mon – Wed – Fri OR Tue – Thurs – Sat]

There will be no more than 10 students per session. There could also be less.

The registration process will be through our website. On the site, students/ parents will click the “sign-up” button in order to create their student profile. Once all the required information is complete, students will be required to select what grade they are in, as well as the form of payment. There are two options for payment: students/ parents can either pay the 7-week Summer Program in full for $1,890, or they can select the split payment method, which means students/ parents will be paying $1,000 for the first half of the Summer Program, and another $1,000 for the last half. If students pay in full for the entire Summer Program, they will receive $110 off. [Also we are currently offering 15% Off]

Students will not be able to cancel their subscriptions once they have completed all registration processes and processed payment. The Summer Program is non-refundable.

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