The Role of Consciousness Development + Social Emotional Learning

The Social Emotional Learning approach develops skills that are overlooked in school and in other private tutoring programs. The ability to set personal goals, to handle stress, to recognize strengths, and to communicate effectively are required for students to reach their full potential.

Our Social Emotional Learning curriculum has five main focus areas:

  1. Self-Awareness – identifying personal assets, developing interests and a sense of purpose
  2. Self-Management- using stress-management skills, setting personal goals
  3. Social Awareness – recognizing strengths in others, understanding and expressing gratitude, recognizing situational demands and opportunities
  4. Relationship Skills – communicating effectively, practicing teamwork and collaborative problem-solving
  5. Decision-Making Skills- learning to make a reasoned judgement after analyzing information, identifying solutions for personal and social problems, and anticipating the consequences of one’s actions

The Matrix Philosophy

Our foundations originate from the vision of developing children to step into their full potential. We each hold within infinite possibilities to create ourselves to who we wish to become. However, a proper education of consciousness development, emotional intelligence, and growth mindset is required to bring into existence the tools and skills necessary to have each student successfully manifest any desired reality. Our philosophy is to ignite each student into personal growth through mastery of their minds and emotions through consciousness development.